Shared Shelf

Library Offers New Tool to Manage, Catalog & Share Faculty Collections

What is Shared Shelf?

Shared Shelf is a new web-based image and multimedia management and cataloging system offered through the UC San Diego Library that allows faculty to upload, catalog, or tag their own collections and share them with the campus community.

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What is Shared Shelf's relationship to ARTstor?

Campus users who have access to Shared Shelf can catalog their own work and then publish to a local project in ARTstor. Once published, the collection is available to all ARTstor users on the UC San Diego campus. Faculty may also choose to share their work more widely through the Shared Shelf Commons. Shared Shelf was developed with the goal of bringing various institutional collections together through a single interface.

What are Shared Shelf's benefits for our faculty?

Faculty from all disciplines— humanities, social sciences, and the sciences—will have the ability to manage their collections and share them locally with the UC San Diego community or promote their collections on the open web through Shared Shelf Commons.

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For more information regarding Shared Shelf please contact Steven Ilott at the UC San Diego Library.